A global pandemic has created opportunities for us to forge more human connections, which we must take advantage of this year.

During the global coronavirus pandemic, 2020 brought on a series of events that challenge the way we live, work, and connect with each other. Through these events, however, I’ve grown more resilient, more empathetic, and quite frankly — more human.

As I start 2021, I remain conscious about keeping social distance. But I’ve also started asking myself ‘How can I bring people back together?’ I’ve also asked, ‘How can I forge communal experiences that reestablish the trust entire communities lost in 2020?’

No one really knows what will happen next week, tomorrow, or even today. An increasing constant is change…

Over the last 15 years working as a Creative Director, I’ve had the opportunity to work with global clients across various industries. I’ve helped companies like Epson roll out a series of interactive campaign elements to introduce new product lines, brought talent search on to the global stage for Intel (the “stage” in this case being a virtual world called SecondLife), and launched large website redesign projects for organizations like the Gates Foundation.

While working on these projects, I often go through the process of drafting ideas that not only inspire, but appeal to people with a wide range of…

Advice that can make your digital presence stronger, more distinctive, and more likely to get you the attention you need.

Today, spinning up a digital presence is easier than ever — really!

All it takes is a Squarespace account, crowdsourcing to find a great looking template, integrating your Twitter feed, browsing some free stock imagery and presto! You have yourself a professional-looking website, complete with a content management system that you feel may help you boost your digital presence — but it’s not quite that easy.

It’s impressive that something like this, in the early days of the internet would have amounted to a significant seven-figure sum. Today, some organizations are pulling these websites for three figures, including outsourcing design and development! Pretty amazing, huh?

You see, the ease of getting a…

Nathan Tia

Creative Director based in Boston. Currently leading Creative at Velir, with experience working at digitally-focused agencies for the past 15 years.

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